Monday, May 5, 2008

McCain, Clinton, Sponges, and More!!!

I sat down to write about a disturbing press event John McCain was holding in Arizona, whereby he uttered, in regards to illegal immigration, that all laws should be enforced to the fullest extent possible. I immediately remembered having once read about a federal ban on the importation of tiny sponges. Then I thought, gosh, if Hillary gets her way and he becomes president, I really hope this is where he puts his energy because a war on sponges would be cheaper and less catastrophic than a war with Iran.

But I digress, for I got taken off course when I read an update to a story that previously broke yesterday on the HuffPo that Sen. Machiavelli is going to do everything in her "power" to break the Democratic Party rules and have the votes counted from the renegade territories of Michigan and Florida:

There are a lot of "ifs'' in the "nuclear option'' that Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign could consider for claiming her party's nomination, the way Tom Edsall tells it:

If Clinton does well or outright wins in Indiana and/or North Carolina this week, if her argument for electability takes hold and if enough party activists are willing to withstand the revolt that would ensue, Clinton could force a vote of the party's bylaws committee to seat the disputed, Clinton-rich delegations of Florida and Michigan and overtake Barack Obama's delegate lead.

The Clinton campaign, however, maintains that it has no "secret plan,'' and has posted on its Web-site...

Then today, they replied:

The Clinton campaign has been vocal in stating that the votes of 2.5 million people must be respected. Hardly a day goes by when a Clinton official doesn't publicly declare that the votes of Michigan and Florida count and that the delegations from those states should be seated.

DNC members from Michigan and Florida have filed challenges with the DNC to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations. The process being followed to adjudicate these challenges is completely consistent with the DNC rules. The Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) is the DNC body charged with dealing with these challenges until the 56th day before the convention, and its process is public and transparent.

How can such old news be so disturbing? Its funny, as I typed that, I wondered if that can be read as being in reference to this story, or to the Clintons themselves... Either way, her destructive strategy, dubbed by some as the Nuclear Option, is another example, like her vote for War in Iraq (it was a vote for war) of her confirmed destructive tendencies. Let us not forget her own words:

I am reminded of something her teacher once said:

A prince never lacks legitimate reasons to break his promise. Niccolo Machiavelli

The same could also be true of an aspiring Queen...


Anonymous said...

I hardly recognize Hillary Clinton as a Democrat -- what with badmouthing a fellow Democrat on FOX O'Reilly, riding around in pickup trucks and shootin' guns out back with her pop.

puddy said...

remind you of anything???