Saturday, May 3, 2008

MSNBC Airs 1 Hour Special Report on Obama and Rev. Wright

Kent Brockman: In other news, MSNBC no longer stands for Microsoft-National Broadcasting Company. The initials have now been adjusted to represent Ms. No Black Candidate...

Yes, the above mentioned network has decided to air an atrocious one hour segment on this most tired of topics. Another line has been crossed. If you are pissed about this level of attention, please be proactive and let them know:;

Outside of K.O., they seem to be obsessed with this story in an almost unhealthy way. This is NOT a story, it is a distraction, a drama, and a intellectual drain. I would rather watch someone on QVC test out a Dustbuster.

In other news, Obama is up 53/47 with 79% reporting in Guam. The boob on CNN, while reporting this information just now (12:14 PST), actually just said that Obama has a home field advantage for having grown up in Hawaii. Then, in an effort to correct himself, he said, well at least a home ocean advantage as the two islands are not that far apart as the crow flies. For the record,
the crow flies 3,805 miles between Honolulu, Hawaii and Hagatna, Guam. Just to offer some perspective, the same crow flies only 2,713 miles between Seattle, Washington and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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